Eating Healthily

  • A balanced diet can support heart health management.

    A balanced diet can support heart health management.

    Blood pressure and other cardiovascular risk factors can be improved by following a healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity, moderating alcohol consumption and reducing salt intake.

    Diet Modification for Patients with High Blood Pressure
    It is recommended that people with high blood pressure consume a diet that emphasizes fruit, vegetables and low-fat dairy products, dietary and soluble fibre, whole grains and protein from plant sources and that is reduced in saturated fat and cholesterol.

    How Salt Intake Can Increase the Risk of Stroke
    Raised blood pressure is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, responsible for strokes and coronary heart diseases. There is evidence that dietary salt is the major cause of raised blood pressure and that a reduction in salt intake lowers blood pressure, thereby, reducing blood pressure-related diseases. Increasing evidence also suggests that a high salt intake may directly increase the risk of stroke.

    Why Lifestyle Changes Matter
    There is a beneficial impact of health promotion and disease prevention on both citizens and society. Healthy diets and physical activity can reduce the risk of many chronic conditions and other diseases thereby protecting the individual and reducing cost for the healthcare system.

    Healthy Recipes
    Chicken pasta and stuffed peppers – Antonio Carluccio provides you with recipes of dishes shown in the video. You can download them here: Antonios Recipes

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    Let’s Dance on Hypertension Day

    Flavia & Russel
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