Stay on your Medication

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    Your prescribed medication can only have the desired effect if you take it, and take it regularly. Sometimes people forget to pick up a new prescription or are unsure whether they have already taken their pills on a specific day. The “Meds on Time” App supports patients in managing their medication in their daily lives. It is an easy to use app developed to remind them when to take their medicine – just as the doctor prescribed – by sending reminders and tracking the medication taken.

    How to get the free Meds on Time App 
    It is available in English and German (depending on your device’s language settings) from App stores (iOS and Android) in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

    Recommendations for taking your medication
    If you haven’t got a phone which supports apps, here are some additional recommendations:

      • Find a routine: Link taking your pills with something you already do every day at a given time.
      • Write notes: Leave a note in a strategic position, reminding you to take your pills.
      • Reminder yourself: Set a regular alarm or calendar appointment to remind you to take your pills.
      • Organize doses: Pill organizers can also be really helpful if you take a lot of pills.
  • Stay on your Medication with your free Meds App:

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